dokimi is a word of mouth network for individuals working in theatre, film and television. Anyone with a registered account can keep in touch with their professional contacts by building their own network and by recommending others for the skills and expertise they value. dokimi is designed to identify and promote individuals through professional recommendations.

The word dokimi is related to the greek words δόκιμος, δοκιμή and δέχομαι.
These words translate to mean approval of others, proof of character, accepted and receive.

dokimi has been designed for anyone who provides a service in theatre, film and television.
Anyone can register a starter account however only approved accounts can upgrade to full membership.

dokimi is a networking database.
You set up a profile and select your areas of expertise. All the selections you make will be visible on your profile. Anyone with a registered account will be able to give you recommendations of kudos, request to join your network, and (if you are a Full Member) recommend you to others for specific opportunities. You can use the database to identify individuals who have been recommended by others, and to keep track of your ever growing network.

If you are a Full Member of dokimi anyone who has a registered account can access your profile via 'The Network' page.

If you have a Starter Accounts you do not appear on 'The Network’ home page and will not appear in search results.

All profiles will be visible as a thumbnail image when you have: given kudos to others; recommended others for opportunities via the sought board; joined other members networks. These interactions provide a link to your full profile. Therefore you can increase your visibility by interacting with and supporting other dokimi members.

A restricted version of your profile can be shared publicly. Therefore you can add a link to your dokimi profile to your CV, twitter profile etc.

Please input any data that is relevant to your area of expertise. If you are a Full Member your profile provides information that makes you searchable on the site. Any sections you do not provide information for will result in you not appearing in a filtered search that include these areas. Your selections within 'Expertise' enable other members to recommend you for specific skills and expertise. If you do not select a specific expertise you can not be given kudos for it. It is up to you how much you wish to share with other members of dokimi.

Within ‘My Profile’ You have the option to edit your account details and main profile settings.

If you work in an area we have not covered, or have a specific skill not listed, please let us know via the ‘Get in Touch’ tab, or by emailing us at info@dokimi.co.uk. We hope to cover an extensive range of areas in the industry as soon as possible and your feedback is very important to us.

If you would like to keep the majority of your information private you can achieve this in the settings for your account and main profile. The Vital statistics and expertise you select make you searchable on the site but are not compulsory. If you have a Starter Account you are not visible on The Network, and other members can not search for you. We will be aiming to introduce features for further privacy settings in the future.

Yes. You have the option to upload a CV in a file format. You also have the option to add links to external websites which may contain details of your credentials. There is not an option to enter details directly to the site. Dokimi is designed to encourage members to be viewed on the value of their expertise as recommended by others. All registered users will have access to your profile, therefore if you include contact details on your CV, or within your external links, these details will be visible to unapproved accounts. Uploaded CVs are not visible in your public profile.

'The Network' gives you access to all Full Members of dokimi.

You can use the search bar to find members by name and find members with specific expertise. If you are a full member you can utilise advanced filtering options with access to the search panel. On 'The Network' you can interact with a member by selecting Give kudos, Add to list and Join network.

You can create mutual connections with other users on the site by clicking 'Join Network’ on ’The Network’ page or within a members profile. These connections will be viewable in ‘My Network'. Your connections will be categorised into ‘Worked with’, ‘Trained with’ and ‘Other’. You can only be suggested for opportunities on the 'Sought Board' by members of your own network and vice versa. When you invite someone to join Dokimi you will be asked to specify a connection. When they register on the site you will automatically have a mutual network connection viewable in 'My Network'. We aim to introduce a feature in the future that enables search results to be filtered by prioritising those in your own Network and those who are connected to someone in your Network.

Yes. Your Network is viewable on your profile page.

You will be informed if someone wishes to Join Networks with you as you will need to accept the invitation to connect. You will receive an email notification and a notification will appear when you sign in to Dokimi. Received requests are also viewable in 'My Network'. If you are a Full Member, accepting a request from a Starter Account acts as approval of their account, and enables them to upgrade to Full Membership.

On the page titled 'My Network' there is an option to remove profiles. Please note by deleting a profile from 'My Network' you will be deleting a mutual connection and your profile will also be removed from their network.

You can receive professional recommendations for your skills and expertise by other members giving you kudos. These recommendations will appear on your profile.

You can provide a professional recommendation for another member by giving them kudos for the skills you value. Your recommendation will appear on their profile.

When you recommend another member with kudos they are not informed and the details are not viewable within their own profile.
They will be able to see what they are receiving kudos for, but not who has given it to them.

When a member gives you a kudos recommendation you will not be informed and the details are not viewable within your own profile.

When you receive kudos for a skill/ expertise it will appear in the kudos section of your profile. The more kudos you receive for each area, the more prominent the skill/ expertise will become. Who has given you kudos is only visible to other registered users.

When you give kudos your thumbnail image will appear as a reference for the expertise you have recommended on the users profile. This will be visible to all registered users, except the user you have given kudos to. These details are hidden from public view.

To view an individuals kudos recommendations please view their profile. Within the section titled ‘kudos’ you will be able to see a full list of who have given them kudos. Click on individual skills to see who has given kudos for specific skills & expertise. Only registered users of Dokimi have access to this feature.

'My Lists' is a Full Member feature enabling you to create lists of Dokimi members. Lists are private, therefore no one else can see the lists you have created. Members will not be informed if they are added or removed from lists.

The 'Sought Board' is where anyone with a registered account can ask the network for suggested and interested members by posting a card. All cards are visible to everyone on the network. Anyone can recommend others from their own network to the author of the card by selecting 'Suggest Members'. Only Full Members can be suggested and express 'I'm Interested'. You can not suggest members unless they are a connection in 'My Network'. Responses are only visible to the author of the card. The author of the card will see members who have expressed 'I'm Interested' with reference to who they have been suggested by. Members who have been suggested will be visible at the bottom of the card. You can create a card directly from the 'Sought Board' or from 'My Cards'.

You can create cards if you would like to find suggested and interested members to connect with or for a specific opportunity such as a job or casting. Cards are posted to the 'Sought Board' and are accessible to everyone on the network. You can not suggest members for your own card, however you can share the URL for your card on external sites and within messages to increase visibility. To find out how to create a private list of interested members see 'What are my lists?' in FAQs.

Full Members can contact each other through 'Messages'. If you are have a Starter Account you may wish to provide contact details on your CV or through an external site link if you would like to enable others to contact you.

Messages is a feature for Full Members therefore only approved members can contact you through internal messaging. You can send messages to individuals and groups. Your contact details will not be revealed to other members. You will receive a notification when you receive a message and can turn off notifications within your profile settings. If you have received private messages and have not received a notification you may need to add dokimi.co.uk to your emails safe list. Please let us know if you need further guidance on how to do this. When you suggest a member for a card on the Sought Board they will be notified with an automated message from you.

To invite someone to join Dokimi please select the ‘Invite’ tab. You will be required to invite them by inputting their email address and selecting a connection type. When someone you invite registers on Dokimi you will mutually join networks and will appear in 'My Network' on each others accounts.

Dokimi is a newly developed and evolving network. We will be introducing new features and improvements as it grows. If you encounter any issues please report them to us via the Feedback form, or by emailing us at info@dokimi.co.uk. We will endeavour to solve any problems as soon as possible and are keen to hear your feedback to develop the best site to serve you.

Dokimi is a new network designed to promote, connect and support those in the arts and entertainment industry. The initial development was made possible by those who supported our Kickstarter campaign in Spring 2015. We have many new features to introduce and the more the network grows the more we can do to support you. Please use Dokimi as a tool to promote yourself and others, and let us know if there is anything we can introduce or develop to enhance your experience as a member of Dokimi. Thank you for joining our Network.

If you are a Full Member you will have created a yearly subscription via paypal.

If you would like to cancel your subscription you can do this within your Paypal account. If you experience any difficulties please feel free to contact us for assistance at info@dokimi.co.uk.

If you would like to DELETE your profile please contact us at info@dokimi.co.uk.