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What is Dokimi?

Dokimi is a network of recommended individuals working in the arts and entertainment industry. The Dokimi Network identifies talent through word of mouth connections from your professional contacts.

A network with purpose

Our mission is to empower valued talent in the arts and entertainment industry by connecting members through recommendations. The Dokimi Network strives to encourage diversity in the arts by introducing a new way to identify talent, and by broadening the current field of vision. We aim to provide a platform that can help launch new talent, as well as extending the opportunities available to established talent, at an accessible cost. Current members include Directors, Casting Directors, Choreographers, Performers, Musicians, Producers, Screen and Stage crew, Writers and Photographers.



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NETWORK Join members on Dokimi to create a mutual connection and establish your own network.
RECOMMEND Members can give you kudos for all areas of expertise you have selected on your profile and vice versa.
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APPLY You can submit interest in opportunities that appear on the Sought Board.
LISTS You can create private lists to keep track of Dokimi Members and make shortlists. You can be added to lists by other members.
CONTACT You can contact Dokimi members directly through the network.

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